Compass Pot, Lanstrothdale latest.
Date: Friday, October 20 @ 11:01:20 BST
Topic: New Finds

Bang Boys 1
Diggers 0.

I hold my hands up in defeat, they broke out of the entrance shaft first (Its cost me a lot of beer in the Kings Head). The trench under the left of the shaft the diggers were following joins the bangers passage at a sharp bend about 5 metres in. We would have never got in that way as the bastards had filled it with flakes from the inside!

From here a short flat out crawl leads to a dangerous moving wall and a large slab in the roof that will have to be cleared before any progress can be made. At the moment the end is Ryderproof!

If your particular fetish is laying flat out for hours on end moving rock whilst a cold stream runs in the leg of your oversuit, and out of your neck, you are welcome to join us.

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