Christmas Dinner in Dow Cave
Date: Saturday, January 06 @ 09:24:10 GMT
Topic: Social Event


That will keep the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue in beer and pies for a while..

A great turn out for the Christmas dinner in Dow Cave with a show of fifth teen, and one four legged turkey leftover chomper taking its owner for an underground drag!!!

None of this would be possible without Harry Brisland, organiser and donator of vast amounts of BEER, 72 pints raffle prize.

Next social/booze up to raise a bit of spare change will be around the April/May Bank holiday for a Beer festival of uncountable barrels of hangovers! A chance to get drunk and raise money for charity. How can the wife complain at that???

Ouch! Sorry love. I didn’t mean it. Please stop hitting me!!!!

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