Short Long Drop Cave
Date: Monday, February 26 @ 09:49:14 GMT
Topic: New Finds

Short Long Drop Cave

Monday 12th Feb

Richard spotted an overly tight rift where an enlargement was visible about 4m down. After an hours digging we had a way in down a tight rift where an awkward manoeuvre enabled entry to the enlargement below. Upstream was too tight but downstream (and back towards the main entrance of Long Drop Cave) was a short drop into a boulder floored passage. Rounding a bend and kicked some of the boulders, which fell some distance, we had a pitch estimated at 10m.

Thursday 15th Feb

Joined by Ruth, bolts were placed and an awkward pitch head, that still has some loose blocks, lead to a fine hang and drop of 8m into an aven chamber with three ways on. A steep boulder and mud slope to the left lead back up towards the surface shakehole and inevitable choke. Back towards the entrance of Long Drop an arched passage lead to a very small mud floored `chamber' with a choke on the left, which is probably associated with the boulder pile at the foot of the first pitch of Long Drop. In the opposite direction, towards Rumbling, an initially promising looking route led down an unstable slope of boulders. There is no easy way on and no draught to chase.



The entrance is a tight slot located 10m east of the entrance to
Long Drop Cave. A squeeze down is followed by an awkward manoeuvre
into a small passage. Upstream is too tight but down leads over
loose blocks and a squeeze at the head of the pitch. At the bottom
of the pitch are three way on, one leads up a steep slope to a choke
beneath the entrance shakehole, another chokes close to the bottom
of the first pitch of Long Drop Cave while the third runs in the opposite direction but this also quickly chokes.

Tackle requirements: The cave is equipped with 10mm stainless steel
Thrubolts, so hangers and a 17mm spanner are required. SRT – 17m
Rope and 4 hangers. Ladder and lifeline – 10m Ladder, 17m line.

Involved were; Richard Bendall, Ruth McDonald and Dave Ramsay

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