Compass Pot Update
Date: Tuesday, April 10 @ 11:35:54 BST
Topic: Digs

As can be seen from the accompanying photo , the entrance shaft has been capped with a lid and landscaped. What can't be seen is a small dam built at the end of the stream with a 4 inch pipe which leads to the bottom of the shaft. This is to prevent floodwater disturbing the fill behind the scaffolding. (The stream normally sinks down the old rift, now filled in. The stream is currently diverted in the yellow pipe to aid the explorers in the tight crawls).
Underground the situation is not so good, Chris and John came to a halt in the high level route which petered out to a small inlet.  They have now retraced their steps back about 30 metres and are slowly widening a rift downwards towards an encouraging echo.

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