New Goyden Pot Nidderdale
Date: Tuesday, May 22 @ 23:12:59 BST
Topic: Digs

Having been driven out of Wharfedale by a return to near normal water levels a few trips into Black Sheep Diggers land were undertaken.

During the first(Sat 12th May), to radiolocate an aven in the caravan trail series of New Goyden Pot.

The aven was found a short distance from the expected place. Whilst waiting for the return of the divers, an examination of the local geology looking for faults and old mine workings was undertaken.

A likely looking spot was prodded at by Chris Fox. After 40 minutes a draughting hole was uncovered. This was then left until the following Thursday.

More work was then carried out until a large rock reduced the size of the workings.

Finding ourselves dimensionally challenged we adjourned to the pub.

A return was planned over the joint WRPC/BSD weekend.(19/20 May 07)
A small team of BSD and WRPC did put in an appearance on Sat and having treated the offending boulder to 3 rounds of caps work continued apace. The hole is now eight foot deep and even has a solid wall, only one though.

More work to follow probably this Thursday afternoon/evening and maybe Sat depending how it looks/goes.


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