New Goyden Nidderdale
Date: Thursday, May 31 @ 16:03:46 BST
Topic: Digs

Last night a joint WRPC/BSD digging team dug out the remaining boulders blocking the way on.

Sterling work was carried out by Russ Brookes who was in the middle of the choke whilst dropping the last of the boulders that could be coaxed down the shaft.

The new pot consists of a climb down through an unstable boulder choke into a small chamber (void) formed by collapse of the choke. The roof and walls are boulders and mud of dubious stability. The floor of the chamber now opens directly onto the top of a mined shaft which drops into South Avens in New Goyden. The shaft has abundant remains of miners shot holes on both sides.

Chris Fox descended into the known cave before carefully returning. The next few trips here will be to install some shoring to secure the choke. Until this is complete, anyone visiting should avoid touching the walls or roof in the chamber as that may bring the whole lot down.

It would appear from this that New Goyden is yet another cave first explored by T'owd man.


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