Robin Pot - The End?
Date: Friday, June 01 @ 12:23:43 BST
Topic: Digs

The squeeze was eventually enlarged by Chris and John and they entered a chamber, unfortunately they couldn't see anything for the fumes!

Three days later the site was again visited by Phil Parker and Richard Glover from Kendal. The source of the booming echo turned out to be an aven, rougly 2 metres square and 6 metres high. The way on was a choked bedding plane. As this passage is heading straight for the confluence of the two streams at the head of the valley, and not north as we had hoped, we will probably abandon the dig. Phil Parker aims to have one last visit after heavy rain to see where the stream we could hear flows to.

I will fill in the surface collapse in the next few weeks, leaving the the shakehole entrance invisible from the footpath nearby. Meanwhile nearby at Compass Pot work continues at a snails pace due to lack of stacking space for the spoil.

Phil Ryder.

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