Rumbling Hole
Date: Thursday, November 22 @ 12:43:46 GMT
Topic: New Finds

Richard Bendall(WRPC) and compadre Dave Ramsay(RRCPC) have been enjoying significant success. A series of nine pitches, with three alternative routes, 118m depth, some 350m of passage and the game’s not up yet!

We have been installing 10mm Stainless Steel through bolts and hangers that will be left in place. The total spend on what will be left in so far exceeds £160.

Hence notice to the club, kindred clubs and cavers generally. We are looking for contributions to cover this cost. We are not asking to cover the cost of expendables like caps, cheap “disposable” bolts for scaling and that type of thing. Only the cost of what will be left when we leave, to benefit all cavers wishing to enjoy this fine, challenging cave.

So, when it comes to the next Committee Meeting I would hope for a positive outcome to this request. (Invoices can be supplied.)

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