Compass Pot Goes A Bit More
Date: Thursday, December 13 @ 14:28:51 GMT
Topic: Digs

Elation turned to disappointment on Saturday 1st December. John Clarke and Chris Smith finally got out of the meandering passage that contained many acute bends.

The final hairpin bend led to a rift with two short ladder climbs into a 1½  metre high stream passage. This led past two pretty grottos to a flat out crawl to a SUMP!

Two and a half years hard work. We were well pissed off.

Hopefully the end is a canal that has been blocked by all the mud and debris released into the stream whilst building the entrance shaft. The winter floods might do the trick. The new section will be looked at again this weekend.

The length of the cave is now about 100 metres, and 20 metres deep; only a fraction of its potential.

Pictures of this new section taken by John Clarke on the day of the breakthrough are in the Photo Galley.

Phil Ryder.

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