Compass Pot sump
Date: Monday, November 17 @ 14:19:10 GMT
Topic: Digs

After talking to Chris, John and Phil, Simon and I had a look into Compass to see what the sump looked like for a future dive.  Phil showed us the way and with 5x 5-foot drain rods for company we made the tortuous crawl to the sump.  We got 3 and a half rods into the water before encountering a blockage - could be an up-dip (hooray) a bend (!) or a constriction (!!!).  Getting all of my body in there feet-first, it was cosy, but not too tight, so a further investigation with a bottle is in order. 
This is definitely a trip for the skinny conoisseur, but the formations in the 1 decent chamber are fantastic, with some straws several feet in length! 
I thought Chris and John were certifiable before this trip, but now I know for sure!

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