New White Rose Discovery - HELP WANTED!
Date: Monday, March 27 @ 21:32:58 BST
Topic: New Finds

250 metres away from Compass Sink the bang boys have also been pushing an extremely tight Hagg Beck Active Sink.

Its gone! (on Sat, the day of the AGM/Dinner).

They have discovered some big passage and nice formations, unfortunately its stops too early at a large sump.

Firstly Chris Smith would like all the membership to hear of their success.

The sump is at the end of a very large passage, which they are going to name Dougie Richardson Chamber after the White Rose founder who still lives in Skipton. They think it would be nice to present Dougie with a mounted photograph of the find named after him.
Is there anybody within or associated with the White Rose (Sweeny?), who could get into this cave and take some good photographs?
Probably end up with Andy Jackson

There are a couple of inlets that come into the new stuff, one above the sump, and one to the right down a pitch, one of which could be the Compass Pot / Sink water. Chris thinks neither of these are Compass Pot water but flood conditions confuse the matter. A dye test this weekend will confirm things one way or the other.
Due to the two sinks close proximity they are likely to meet up somewhere along the line and if Compass Sink doesn’t go into this new passage it’s likely a way of bypassing the end sump. So Compass probably holds the key to mere mortals and divers getting into this new stuff, and needs a concerted effort.
We aim to dig it twice a week, once mid week, and once on Sunday, though this can be changed to Saturday if it clashes with club meets.

Everybody welcome to help. Not only digging, but bringing scaffold up the hill, etc.

Please e-mail me if you are thinking of coming.
We are going up this Wednesday, 10:15, already planned before the breakthrough.

NB - Lambing has just started and there are suits about from the National Trust due to the refurbishment of Raisgill.
We need to manage things so we don't damage the excellent relationship we currently enjoy with both farmers and the NT.


Phil Ryder

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