Caves of the Three Counties System
Date: Tuesday, March 01 @ 08:24:05 GMT
Topic: Member News

In an earlier newsletter I mentioned the view from Bull Pot of the fells under which are found the extensive cave systems of the Three Counties Cave System. Since then the diggers and explorers, including the mythical Misty Mountain Mud Miners, have opened up a new entrance to a large ancient passage in Witches Cave. This can now be explored from Shuttleworth Pot and we have a meet there planned for March 6. Please note: it is important for our good relations with the farmers and landowners up there that a CNCC permit is obtained for a visit. Another new find is a connection from the surface into the furthermost regions of Notts Pot 2.

An account of these and many other recent explorations can be seen in the recent edition of Descent:- “The magazine of underground exploration”. Anyone wanting to keep up to date with these and all other caving news should seriously think about subscribing to the magazine.

Details on the website

Later in the year we will probably have meets at Lancaster Hole and Easegill when we can enjoy a few hours in other parts this magnificent cave system. 

Steve Warren

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