Recent Club Activity 11-APR-2006
Date: Wednesday, April 12 @ 10:07:16 BST
Topic: Trips and Meets

Last weekend (April 8-9) was close to disaster weather wise but Phil Ryder and Steve Warren managed a couple of hours digging at Compass Pot. Plenty of water meant we could hear a stream crashing away somewhere down below. Meanwhile the new passage in Langstrothdale was entered again on the Saturday by John and Chris for a second look.

The weekend before (April 1-2) was one of the wettest of the year making caving, and digging, almost impossible as Phil Parker relates. The proposed meet at Marble Steps was diverted to Bull Pot.

Chris and John (digging team) couldn't get down (their current dig in Wharfedale) as the floodwater had breached the diversion channel. Also lots of water down the dig at Compass Pot (another current dig in Wharfedale). Going home on Saturday from Chris Camm's place I took the Darnbrook route - got photos of resurgences that I didn't know existed. Today (Sunday April 2) we had a trip down Bull Pot Kingsdale - below fourth pitch was completely impassable.

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